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Eldervale is a survival horror game reminiscent of early 2000's classics. Many elements will be instantly familiar to veterans, while also introducing newcomers to the genre. Exploration and atmosphere is key, supported by varied gameplay like puzzle solving, combat, stealth and resource management. The game builds up story and mechanics throughout it's 3-4 hour playtime until the end.


Ophelia Delaney is a young woman haunted by the early childhood she spent with her parents in the town of Alder Stow. The Delaney family owned a large estate for generations, which was used for many things during the 20th century. All the horrible events that took place there remain unknown. Ophelia was forced to leave town and move to her aunt who raised her. Now, 10 years later, she is tormented by images from the past, suppressed memories and lucid dreams. Those closest to her suggested increasingly radical treatments. After those failed, Ophelia was sure that she can only be cured where she was born. She must return to the Delaney Institution.


  • Explore a large, interconnected level filled with deadly secrets.
  • Fight, escape or sneak past more than a dozen types of enemies and dangers.
  • Collect and manage items to aid your survival.
  • Solve diverse puzzles and obstacles.
  • Piece together the past of the Delaney Institution and it's residents.
  • Meet other characters and decide their fate.
  • Customize your experience by selecting difficulty for Combat, Puzzle and a Special Mode with random events.
  • Unlock multiple endings, alternate costumes, achievements and more!
  • Play the Deep Reserves expansion with it's own progression system and unlock powerful new rewards!

About the Project

As a self-publishing solo developer and a devout fan of survival horror, Eldervale is a passion project with the goal of reinvigorating a genre I feel is underrepresented in today's market. That said, Eldervale is much more than just paying respects to the classics: It puts it's own twist on the genre, making it more accessible to new players as well as nostalgic for veterans. I hope you will enjoy, so I can continue the hard work for a genre I love.

Press kit: https://eldervale.com/press-kit/

Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/VryNBv5


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

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Fun game, did take a few tries till I got used to the controls. Was a lot of fun exploring the house, you really need to be prepared for any enemy that could appear. Surprised how well balanced the ammo was in the game, at no point did I ever feel I had enough ammo and had to explore through all the rooms. Was a lot of fun, it really felt similar to playing through ReveVoodoo’s games, just a lot of fun in its design.

Hello! You've mentioned an RPG maker game that you've made in 2013 called "The Great Below", which is a prototype of sorts for Eldervale. Are you planning on making it accessible/fleshing it out anywhere in the future?

Hey there! I'm up to releasing it, just looking for the best way to do so. The original RPG maker project has some bugs in it that makes it impossible to progress past a certain point, but just in the recent year, I think I have found solutions to these problems. Now it's really a question of when it is feasible to spend time on releasing these early games rather than the 3 projects I'm working on right now. Have a great day, thanks for contacting me.

Deleted 2 years ago

Yeah, finally got around to it! Thanks!