Eldervale Development Update

Hello everyone !

Thank you for all the support and feedback ! Eldervale has been played by 2.000 players and the project viewed 10.000 times counting both platforms. I understand it's not the easiest game to get into, it's long for a demo and has many mechanics to get used to, so thank you for your time and effort it took to try it out !

I've been hard at work on the biggest update for Eldervale yet, version 0.9. It will have the following features :

- The map outlines the current room you are in. Discovered map markers are not lost on death.

- Enemy types received visual, ragdoll, and AI improvements.

- New enemy AI functions :

1. Drop aggro instantly if enemy cannot follow (Currently, you need to be out of sight for 6 seconds to drop aggro.)

2. Enemies can alert each other to the player's presence once spotted.

- Melee combat bugs fixed. (There is an unintended quirk in the system, where if you press Block (Right Mouse Button) while attacking, it will disable your weapon's hitbox. You are not supposed to be able to attack while blocking, but if you are in the middle of the animation already, pressing block will still make your weapon swing fail to hit.)

- Melee combat is faster, more fluid, and hitboxes are more responsive.

- Melee swings now match the direction you are currently moving in (W,A,S,D), meaning you perform different attacks by pressing a direction.

- You can now switch between weapons with the mouse scroll wheel.

- Added bullet impact sound for walls and enemies.

- Added an extra clue for the Clock Puzzle.

There are also other additions planned, which may be introduced to the demo for testing :

-  Alternate costumes to unlock.

- Hard mode unlocked after clearing the game. Hard mode changes puzzle solutions and makes combat more difficult.

- Weapon upgrade system. A new currency added to be used for upgrading any of the 4 main weapons in the game.

- Charge system for melee blocks. Block would absorb more damage, but it would need recharging after absorbing a few hits.

These changes will be coming soon in Patch 0.9. Stay tuned ! Let me know how you feel about the changes in the comments below !

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